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Outdoor Plumbing

Let AMS in Greenville, SC Help Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Spaces.

Homeowners in Upstate, SC enjoy many months of warm weather and outdoor living. Outdoor plumbing can include necessities, like sewer drains, septic tanks, drain fields and water lines, but have you considered some fun and convenient additions to your property?

Enhance the Beauty and Enjoyment of Your Property with Water.

If you enjoy relaxing or working in your yard, adding convenient water faucets, sinks, showers or water features enhances your experience and increases the value of your home. How about a barbecue pit? You will need outdoor plumbing to complete it with gas and water lines. Gardeners will enjoy convenient faucet placement, anywhere you might need it or separate water lines available for a sprinkler or irrigation system. An outdoor sink or shower can help you keep your house clean from muddy pet paws and kids and gardeners. How about a waterfall or Koi pond? If you enjoy outdoor living, you might consider adding value, beauty and convenience to your property. We've included some ideas below to help you plan and design your outdoor plumbing additions.

Koi Ponds and Fountains

Create amazing outdoor living spaces with the addition of natural fish ponds, custom water fountains and other water features that enhance your quality of life and turn your backyard into a paradise. AMS can help design and install all of the required plumbing and water lines, fixtures and equipment necessary for these types of water features.

Outdoor Kitchens

Enjoying the warm weather that the Upstate offers means outdoor living at its finest. Today, many customers want to bring the amenities typically enjoyed in indoor kitchens to their outside living spaces, and that means fully-functioning plumbing fixtures, sinks, water lines, refrigerators and freezers, grills and everything that goes with that. AMS can help you design and install the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Outdoor Hydrant Installation

An outdoor hydrant can help make life easy on the home gardener and landscaper. You can put water anywhere you need it most. A frost-proof model is your best choice, though models can vary from height to head style. To have your outdoor hydrant installed properly, let the professionals at AMS do it for you.

Water Fountain and Fish Pond Plumbing Installation Greenville SC

Hose Bibb Repair and Replacement

Even if we cover our hose bibbs properly during the winter, they still get a little wear and tear each year. Don't put up with leaks and shaky connections. Shaky connections can often lead to a crack or break in the water line. We recommend that you inspect your hose bibbs each spring and fall to check the pipe, connections, valves and handles for leaks. You may want to upgrade to a different style or color. Make sure any repair or upgrade is done properly by a licensed plumber.

Our experts at AMS enjoy working outdoors, and we don't like to leave a mess. If you are considering some outdoor plumbing additions to your property, just give us a call to speak to a real, licensed plumber. We'll be glad to help!

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